Friday, July 4, 2008

3WayLinks Review

Hi there, welcome to my review blog. You will learn about whether or not 3WayLinks works and tips on 3 Way Links system.

My name is Henry Zeng, and I'm an veteran marketer started my Internet marketing career when I was 19. However, I'm not any kind of "guru" that can show you how to rake in tens of thousands of cash overnight, but I can always tell you what works and what doesn't from my online marketing experience.

You see, I've always been a big fan of automation traffic generation solutions to develop my online business. And when I first heard about this 3WayLinks network , I was a little skeptical because there were too many "black-hat" link farm networks out there that are trying to spam the search engines.

But after read a few SEO articles on Jon's blog (I'm a customer of Jon's several products), I was convinced that Jon's really a cool guy that authoritative in SEO field and actually know well what he's doing, so I signed up and gave it a try.

After six months of testing, I can finally tell you that it is a system that actually delivers on what it promises. It does actually help you achieve top ten rankings for 3 keywords of your choice in search engines, especially in Google.

I'm not going to talk about how Jon's 3WayLinks network works here (you can learn about it right on his website) - I just want to share with you some of my results here so you have some cold hard facts to help you decide if it's worth it for you.

I set up a simple blog dedicated to promote one product on the site and then put the it in the 3WayLinks network which aimed to rank 3 very targeted keywords related to that product.

You want to see the result?

April Traffic Stats & Clickbank Sales:
3WayLinks Result
3WayLinks Result

May Traffic Stats & Clickbank Sales:
3WayLinks Result
3WayLinks Result

June Traffic Stats & Clickbank Sales:

3WayLinks Result
3WayLinks Result
As you see, after 3 months I earned $160.64 with 680 unique visitors.

I also found it takes more than 6 months to get your keywords to fully ranked in Google and the most crucial part of getting the results is choosing the keywords wisely.

All the work I did for this site is writing some review articles, choosing 3 keywords and plugging the site into the network. That was no more than 5 hours of work and after that everything was completely automated.

With 3 Way Links, you can rank 50 (or unlimited if you put a PR 4+ site in the network)of your web sites in Google with one 3WayLinks account.

Let's do the match:

If you invest $47 per month in 3WayLinks starting now, after 6 months your little product review site just like mine is getting about 600 visitors per month and earns you a reasonable $200 every month depends on that traffic.

You set up 50 review sites and put all of them into the network. $200 times 50 is $10,000 per month all on auto-pilot.

Isn't that worth $47 a month?

And even better, I have something special for you.

I begged, I bribed, and finally had Jon arrange a LIFETIME 3WayLinks discount for you.

Now you can lock in your access at the ridiculously low price of $37/month plus my private bonus buster package, instead of paying the normal $47 a month: (I'm even paying $47 a month to the membership myself!)

Even if you only get one site ranked well enough just to earn $5 per day from Google AdSense, you will have already achieved a 300% monthly return on your investment.

And chances you may get some killer sites that earn you more than $500 to $1000 per month. Multiply that by a few dozens sites you put in the network and... well, you get the idea.

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